Sep 12, 2013

730/917 Miriam Christine Borg: In a woman's heart (Malta 1996)

Malta and me, we've had a very troubled relationship ever since they returned to Eurovision in the early 1990's. They tend to make professional but also sterile pop tracks with no human factor anywhere in sight. With the exception of the three entries sung by wonderful Chiara (1998, 2005 and 2009) and their fun entries from 1972 and 2000 I cannot really find anything I like in their entries. The Eurosong 730 is a good example of a Maltese entry that tries hard, but goes nowhere.

17 years old Miriam Christian Borg was one of the favourites in 1996 when the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Oslo Norway. Her entry was composed by Paul Abela, who had already written two eurovision entry for Malta (in 1991 and 1992). The song was a modern, well arranged pop track which, however, continued Malta's line of entries that played it safe and did nothing to break any barriers. Like it's predecessors, the song floated inside one ear and out of the other leaving no traces in my mind. The song would have needed something special to wake the sleepy listener up.

Despite of her young age and insecure singing perky Miriam Christine made a good impression on stage and Malta finally reached the 10th position (among 23 participants). This result can be considered a disappointment, since the recorded version of the song had come as high as to the fourth position in the semifinal. Since the 1996 contest I had almost forgotten about this song.

Miriam Christine Borg has continued to sing and she has apparently had a considerable career in Malta. To see and hear what she sounds like now, listen to her song Mystery Mama from 2011. I prefer her 21st century style and voice to her 1996 Eurovision entry.

My points 2/5.

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