Apr 4, 2014

480/917 Maria Guinot: Silêncio e tanta gente (Portugal 1984)

Right until 2013 the order of songs in the Eurovision final was chosen by a draw, although it was not always that obvious. There were numerous occasions when right songs have been drawn to exactly right position in the starting list as if it was decided in advance. That was often the case with the last song sung every year. The 480th Eurosong is one of those that you could not think of been performed anywhere else than the last position of the magical Eurovision evening.

Silêncio e tanta gente by Maria Guinot was not only the perfect closer of the 1984 contest, but the only song that I could think of finishing the contest after the astounding Italian entry Il treni di Tozeur. Together these two songs made one of the most memorable and moving endings ever in the history of Eurovision Song Contest.

At 38 years Maria Guinot was not old, but still much more experienced singer (and songwriter) as most of her collegues taking part in the 1984 song contest. Her entry was also far from the perky pop ditties that represented most of the countries that year. Also unlike many of the young performers that year she performed her song with charisma and had no trouble singing in tune and bringing real emotion to the song. At that time it she was one of the rare female singers who had composed her own song.

And what a song it is. Well built, emotional ballad that starts calmly but ends with such a passion that the inexperienced singers from the UK, Luxembourg and Norway (to name just a few) could only have dreamed of.

Although the last song in the running order was arguably at the best position to impress the juries, the song was not appreciated as it should have. Uncharacteristically, the best position in the 1984 running order was number one, where Herreys with their golden shoes scored the winning amount of points. Maria Guinot had to settle for 11 position among 19 entries. Unfair and undeserved faith, if you ask me, for this wonderful song and amazing artist.

My points 5/5

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