Sep 27, 2015

800/917 Lydia: No quiero escuchar (Spain 1999)

In the 1990's I developed a notorious touch of death. Not once or even twice but four times a song that I had pointed as one of my absolute favourites crashed at the dreaded last place in the final results. In 1999 I had a very good prediction that Spain would do well, and then what happened?

Four years previously Spain had done all but win the contest with their magnificent entry Vuelve conmigo. The 1999 Spanish entry was for me a clear follow-up to that song and sure to do at least as well. The elements were very much the same. An enigmatic melody with tasty arrangement which with a good singer and spanish lyrics (among songs mostly sung in english) created a enchanting package, at least on its recorded version. With, for the first time, no orchestra but a backing track the song did sound very much the same in Jerusalem.

At the time I didn't see much wrong in the performance. Lydia Rodríguez Fernández had couple of flat notes here and there, but otherwise she managed to keep her voice in control and delivered the song all right to the audience. Later I've realized that the small faults in the performance ruined the overall impression. Still I think that the last place was far from deserved.

My points 3/5.

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