May 9, 2013

324/917 Carlos do Carmo: Uma flor de verde pinho (Portugal 1976)

Portugal has never been afraid to let its own national colours shine in their Eurovision entries. Already in the 1960's and 70's a portuguese entry was as easily recognized as a balkan ballad is today. Unfortunately despite of strong entries that still stand out, the juries seldom saw the qualities of the portuguese entries. The 324th Eurovision song, the entry representing Portugal in the 1976 contest, did relatively well.

Carlos do Carmo was 36 years old when he took part in the Eurovision. For some reason his looks and styling made him look much older, and the impression was strengthened by his fado way of singing.

That does not matter, however. Uma flor de verde pinho starts with striking orchestral opening, but soon the song settles down to a gentle and eloquent ballad. Do Carmo is on the top of his game interpreting a love song to his home country. The appealing melody grows from the beginning to the finish as, at least to me, the most effective song in the entire 1976 contest.

The song received points from only five different countries, but the top 12 points from France secured Portugal 12th place (out of 18 contestants). It would take 20 years before Portugal received 12 points from any country again.

My points 4/5.

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