May 4, 2013

917 eurosongs in random

Welcome to my new blog. Couple of years ago I took a huge task of listening every song ever sung in the Eurovision Song Contest from the first song of the 1956 until the new songs from the forthcoming Oslo contest in 2010, 1195 songs in total. The number of eurosongs have since increased to 1319 (until and including the 2013 contest). The experience of listening these songs in order from De vogels van Holland by Jetty Paerl until Satellite by Lena Meyer-Landrut was surprisingly rewarding and already then I started thinking, I should write a blog about my feelings towards these songs. It took me three years, but here I am at last.

I may be a kind of euro fossil, because I remember fondly the "better" old times, when there was only 20-25 countries taking part every year in the Eurovision Song Contest. The songs from these old times were necessarily not better than the songs sung today but they were however easier to get to know as the number of songs was smaller each year. Now I'm having difficulties in getting to know all the 38-45 songs before the actual contest takes place. After couple of years have passed, there are many songs that I don't remember anymore.

That is why I limit this blog to the years before the semifinals were introduced to the ESC in 2004. Between 1956 and 2003 Eurovision set stage to 917 different songs, and I have some kind of knowledge about all of them (which as I said is not true about all the 402 songs presented between 2004 and 2013).

So I'm going to plunge into the sea of Eurovision entries and try to give you my impression of  them. Going through the list in a chronological order felt boring, so I shall be choosing songs in random without personal preference. If you have a suggestion to make, please contact me by twitter (@mikko_suhonen) and I will gladly add your favourite song to the list. I would also be more than happy to have your views on the songs I am presenting. If you see any factual errors, please let me know.

Soon will se what song Lady Luck has chosen me as the first entry to review. Enjoy the ride.

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