May 13, 2013

521/917 Datner & Kushnir: Shir habatlanim (Israel 1987)

It is difficult to be funny. It is difficult to be funny in the Eurovision and even more difficult to make a song that sounds funny even after 26 years of the first performance. Israel failed in all accounts in 1987, at least if you ask me. The 521st Eurosong was, is and will be an irritating three minutes which I jump over every time I watch or listen to the Eurovision entries from Israel.

The duo singing the song Shir habatlanim were not really singers, but two actors who came to do what they were commissioned to do. To sing and act this piece, which hardly can be called a song. Datner & Kushnir are not to blame, they use their craft the way they can and even seem to have some fun on stage. The juries seemed to agree at least to some point, the song received a horredeous 73 points and totally undeserved 8th place in the final results.

Some people call me a dull and maybe I am. I cannot find anything remotely funny in this song and the performance irritates me to death to find any musical value in it whatsoever. Next song please, and quickly.

My points 1/5.

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