May 4, 2013

26/917 Corry Brokken - Heel de wereld (Netherlands 1958)

A random number generator chose as the first entry in my blog the Dutch entry from 1958, the 26th song ever to be sung in the Eurovision song contest. In the third year of the contest only 10 countries took part (one fourth of the number of contestants nowadays).

In the early years of Eurovision it was usual that the same artist represented his or her country several years in a row. Corry Brokken took the responsability to represent the Netherlands during first three years of the Eurovision history experiencing both the victory and the defeat.

After her victorious performance of Net als toen in 1957 she took the Eurovision stage again when the contest was arranged by the Dutch television in 1958. The song was in many ways similar to Net als toen as far as borrowing some melody passages from the winner of the previous year. Still, the result was last drawn last place with Luxembourg with only one point.

However, I find this song a charming ballad in the 1950's vein giving the singer possibility to sing both with tenderness and force. To me this is one of the better songs of the 1950's Eurovision Song contests.

It would take 18 years for Corry Brokken to appear on the Eurovision Stage again, and even then she did not sing a note as she took the responsability of the presenter of the 1976 contest in Hague.

My points 4/5

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