May 6, 2013

496/917 Kikki Danielsson: Bra vibrationer (Sweden 1985)

Composer Lasse Holm dominated the Swedish Eurovision scene in the mid 1980's. Between 1982-1986 he wrote four succesfull entries for Sweden and the 496th eurosong was no exception.

Kikki Danielsson was almost as succesfull as a singer. After several second places she managed twice to be chosen to represent Sweden on the Eurovision stage, both times with a song written by Lasse Holm. When the contest was held on the home ground in 1985 team Holm-Danielsson provided Europe with a song that was the purest prototype of a Swedish Eurosong of the 1980's.

It was catchy, it was jolly, it was well performed, and finally it did better in the results than anyone had expected. Third place was the best result that Lasse Holm would ever get in Eurovision. Bra Vibrationer combined everything that one could expect from a Swedish Eurosong in the mid 1980's.

To me it sounds too polished and planned a package. Every expression and movement (not to say the choreography by the background dancers) seems too perfect and too rehearsed to me. Even the double meaning of the title sounds very calculated (the presenter Lill Lindfors thought it best to explain to the english speaking audience that the title means "Good vibrations" and had nothing to do with ladies undergarments).

Eurovision classic, for sure, but not really my cup of tea. At least not anymore.

My points 2/5

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