May 8, 2013

761/917 Alma Čardžić: Goodbye (Bosnia Herzegovina 1997)

The 761st song sung in the Eurovision Song Contest happens to be the first real stinker in this blog. The Bosnian entry used every cheap musical trick from finger snapping to repetitious singalong chorus (not to mention the oh-oh-ohs) to gain votes, but deservedly came 18th (out of 22) in the final results.

Song Goodbye was definately not one of Alma Čardžić's finest hours. She apparently is a big star in the Balkan area, and by watching her performance of the song in Dublin in 1997 you can see that she is not enjoying the moment one bit. As a watcher of the contest, I am not enjoying it either.

Luckily this dreadful song is not the only Eurovision memomory of Ms Čardžić. In 1994 she and Dejan Lazarevic represented the war torn Bosnia Herzegovina with a gloomy but effective ballad Ostani kraj mene, the song that got the biggest applause of the evening (but not the most votes, however).

My points 1/5.

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